Monday, November 12, 2012

New York City


I've moved to NYC and its been loads of fun. I'm surrounded by friends and family and am feeling more fulfilled by the work and creative outlets every day.

I have been working as an organizer with New York Communities for Change and have learned a tremendous amount in the 6 short months here so far. I have been organizing on the Brooklyn Team, a fantastic group of mostly local folks who know how to get shit done and have a good time. I'll never forget these people. My bosses and mentors at the organization, especially Harold Miller, have taught me so so so so much about organizing, life, balance and New York City.  Its been great exploring so many neighborhoods at this job and the folks in the community I'm organizing with are great.

The living situation has also been pretty ideal. I live in Bushwick in Brooklyn in the McKibbin Lofts with a revolving door of artistic and dynamic roommates and houseguests. The current incarnation of the core squad in our 8 bedroom house is sleek, solid and amazing.

Halloween was a hoot but Hurricane Sandy has really made a profound impact in NYC. Occupy Sandy has been doing a great job.  It has inspiring to see neighbors and communities coming together in this difficult time.

Tonight a collective of 19 individuals came to our apartment to try to start something new. Basically a locally based news, arts and culture blog and video hub. Its going to be revolutionary and incredible, stay tuned for more updates. The next meeting is Sunday the 18th at 7 for a potluck dinner and 8 for the meeting if you want to swing by leave a comment or call me or whatever.

Happy fall everyone!

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