Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chez Moi

Ici est mon appartemont. Its in a neighborhood called Ngor right next to the Shell Station and close to the airport on the north side of Dakar. Pretty legit location, 5 min from Plage Ngor (beach) and Isle Ngor (island) and from a supermarche that sells most stuff. I'm glad its not the extra toubab Casino humongous supermarket that makes me think I'm in some kind of weird Croatian/French melange. I walk to work.

It dont know the actual address. There are no street names in my part of town so I just dont know. Now I'm going to try to give you the photo tour:

Welcome to my lavish digs and the first thing you will see is the living/dining room/study/entertainment center! You can find me here. Listening to music (i brought my boombox, great move), making ataya, eating dinner, studying french, or taking a nap!
If you look a little bit close you will see my kitchen! Complete with mini fridge, sink, some plates, some cups, and 3 burners for all of my egg/stirfry/yassa cooking needs.

My apartment has TWO rooms... this is where all the magic happens? Complete with big bed, a chair, closet, mirror, and a wall with cool paint on it.
Map of africa, bed with striped sheets, what more could a man/boy want?i decided not to give you the bathroom pic.

Alls well in my world here though. I thought I lost my key but didn't. Pretty exciting. The mets have won a couple in a row which is good news. I also signed up for classes so for all you tulane public health fools I'm in: SPHU 301, 312, 401, Biostats 04, and SPHL 02. It sounds like a bummer schedule but I gotta get that paper.

Peaceout world. If you want to take a look round my neighborhood. I live riiiight there.

Agrandir le plan

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