Sunday, June 12, 2011

And.... we're off!

Whatsup party people! We are on the road and its beautiful. We are still forming, haha. Last night we kicked it with Joseph and some wonderful fools at the track team up at Haverford College. Silly and sloppy is how I would describe it. We woke up on the floor, confused and abused after a night of shenanigans and headed over to Grandpa Jack and Louise's place, which is amazing and has a fun clubhouse. A clubhouse is basically like a playground for 20 year olds. We headed over to downtown Philly to kick it with Kate's brother (also named Ben) who has a hilarious bulldog named Hugo. We took him for a walk and he was a hit with everyone we saw. Now we're at Ben's watching the finals (I'm rooting for the Heat. Witness.) and we should have more adventures for sure over the next few days. We're going back to Grandpa Jack and Louise's place, I'm gonna chill with Jenna, and then off to some sweet falls and then New York on Wednesday to Saturday.  Let me know if you're in the Big Apple and want to chill! Peace.


  1. Did you play the virtual reality golf game in the clubhouse?


  2. Heck yes I did, it was fun, actually, everything in the clubhouse is fun. Hows things back home D?