Saturday, June 4, 2011

Travlin is Fun

I have been adventuring around lately and it has been SO MUCH FUN.

I drove a Budget rental moving truck (much less expensive than UHaul, I recommend checking out Penske though) from New Orleans to Atlanta to Goochland to Alexandria to Silver Spring. I always have a good time in Atlanta. Roger Sikes is one of the best people on planet earth and it was cool being able to check out his pad and having a few beers with him and his buddy. Central Virginia in May is beautiful and the drive up to Joe's place was spectacular. Joe's family is always so welcoming and I had a good time there too shooting guns and relaxing. The off to Alexandria, dropped off Tommy and his stuff and then finally back to good ol Silver Spring, land of the free home of the brave. I had missed the family a ton so it was cool to get back (even though I didnt have a room, now I have a corner of the basement which is cool). Truckin across the South is something every young man should do, the seat was uncomfortable and the truck was treacherous but overall it was a good time.

I went to Texas with my dad and saw one game in Houston and two in Dallas. First impressions of Texas: large, great food (bbq and tex-mex), nice people, lots of space between things/buildings, slow drivers, great baseball stadiums. I always love the retractable roof stadiums (Astros) and the Ballpark at Arlington (Rangers) is a classic American baseball stadium. Its one of my favorites for sure. We had amazing seats and the Rangers are a good team, the won in a walkoff on Sunday. It was also sweet to kick it with my dad, these trips are an amazing tradition that I hope never ends.

My most recent adventure was to NY to go to the Hamptons with one of my main amigos from school, Max Joseph. Per usual, Max and I had a great time in the pool, in the marsh, and by the beach. He is also a majorly hospitable dude and it was a great trip. Took the bus there which sucked but then after a nice lunch with Papa (grandfather on my Dad's side, it had been way too long since I've seen him and it was great to go to the Royal Cliffs with him) I took the train home. I realized I love trains, totally preferable to planes, buses and cars due to comfortableness and speed.

Thats it for now, we should be setting off on the Road Trip soon (next Friday-ish) which will be an adventure all its own. By the way, the road trip blog is up, check it out!

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