Monday, June 20, 2011

Its Going Down

Whats good friends? BZurk here just doin work around our beautiful eastern united states of america. I have been continuing the adventures since I last posted. From Philly the road trip crew and Chief (our car) went to Ricketts Glen State Park and saw 22 waterfalls on one hike.
We then went to Brooklyn and kicked it with our boys in Ravenous for a few nights. I had never been to Brooklyn before and I had a great time. I go to New York a few times a year and its always fun but this time I saw a whole new side to the city, a side i really enjoyed. I also got to meet up with some of my favorite homies, Max from Tulane, Andrew from Suisse and Max from the 301. Its great seeing cool people. It was awesome to see my dad and Daniel for so much pizza at Patsy's and a really fun Met's game. Citi Field is like a world class shrine for all that is Mets and I am so pumped to see the team moving back toward being a .500 team. The stadium looks a lot better than it did last year. I think that they will continue to improve the stadium every year.
After NY we headed to Williamstown and hung out in Tommy's old stomping grounds. Now we are in Cape Cod living it up at Paul's friend Nick's house. We are a 5 minute walk from the beach and his mom Nancy is so unbelievably nice. Cape Cod rules. Boston next followed by Acadia. Be sure to fill out this survey if you are free for me to visit you wherever you are. Peace and love.

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