Friday, June 10, 2011

Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry

Hello Everyone,

As you know, today was supposed to be the official sendoff day for our little trip. However, in a shocking twist, getting ready for a 6 month road trip is a lot of work. As a result of the laundry list of things that we still have to do, we are changing our plans and hitting the road tomorrow with our first stop being the Philadelphia area. So, if you are in Philly and would like to see any of the furious five (nicknames for our group are a work in progress and suggestions are welcome) then please let any or all of us know. In the meantime, we will continue packing and making the car into a road warrior.

Also, in between making hurried trips to REI and Target to get more and more gear, our very own driving expert Paul has been teaching the rest of the gang to drive stick. At this point, Paul and maybe Kate are probably the only people allowed to drive on big boy roads. All I have to say in response to this is shotty.

Finally, we would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has filled out the survey so far (105 people and counting!), and, if you have not yet filled it out, please take a minute and do so if you are interested in meeting up with the fab five en route (I can think of at least five migrants who will be eternally grateful if you do).

In conclusion, here is the song of the day for obvious reasons: Ray Charles- Hit The Road Jack.

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