Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Begins...

Yes, the rumors you have been hearing are true. The road trip to end all road trips has officially started. And oh what a start it was. We said sayonara to Silver Spring, MD around 5pm, and drove promptly through to Pat's in South Illadelph to find some delicious cheesesteaks. However, when we got there, what we found instead was the craziest line EVER! (See below)

As we filed in to this line pouring out into the street, cars were passing us left and right, some more upset than others about the traffic jam we were creating. Eventually, the cops even had to come and move the line to the sidewalk because no cars could get through. Despite the fact that we stood in this line mingling with some of the worst people in the world (Phillies fans), it was definitely worth the wait when we got our food. It was also a momentous occasion because Kate and Sarah had their first cheesesteaks ever and our own Benjamin Porter Zucker even broke kosher!

After wolfing down our meal, we got back on the road to Haverford College, to meet Mr. Joeseph "Woody" Carpenter, of Portland OR, track and cross-country extraordinaire. Dude threw a party just for us! But not actually (we crashed his going away party). I believe Kate put it best, "You Haverford people are sloppy. And Wonderful."

We woke up this morning on a beer stained floor of an apartment a little bit hung over but mostly just ready to roll, especially when Woody made us all pancakes before taking us on a tour of the college. After our stroll around lovely Haverford College (phenomenal stone buildings says our budding architect Paul), we said goodbye to our new runner friends and made our way to see Grandpa Jack and Louise (Ben's grandparents. Holla back Porter family) for some lunch. After the post-lunch tour of their zone and the clubhouse, which was an unemployed college graduate's paradise full of games and fun, we decided we have to return (tomorrow night) for some mischief.

Our wonderful lunch in the rearview mirror, literally and figuratively (getting punny), we drove back into the city to meet Kate's brother and his hilarious dog Hugo.

Hugo and Ben proceeded to take us on a tour of downtown, during which we did a little bit of slack-lining (tons of fun). Hugo got a little bit tired from the walk, but us humans would not let the heat get us down, and we had a little workout session in the afternoon. Well, Ben has just prepared us a fantastic dinner, so we've got to run, but thanks for reading and keeping up with us whoever you are. Here is the song of the day because it is oddly specific to our road trip: Wyclef Jean- Gone Til November

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