Friday, June 17, 2011

Waterfalls + The Kraus/Ravenous Spot NY

After our fantastic stay in and around Illadeplhia, we hit the road for a little rural retreat. Rickett's Glen State Park offered us two nights cheap camping and a 5 mile loop hike that toured 21 different waterfalls. With our swim suits and picnic packed, we set out to see the falls, each one progressively more stunning. Be on the lookout for a new viral youtube video, as we made a little song and dance to accompany the many waterfalls.

On Thursday we re-packed our bags to brave the heart of Brooklyn, New York and ran into quite the character on the train into the city.

With Michael Jackson still ringing in our ears, we arrived to meet our friend Nick Kraus, a fellow Colorado College graduate, who was gracious enough to let us crash on his hardwood floor. Being the good little road-trippers that we are, we had planned ahead to spend the Thursday and Friday nights with Ravenous (Matt Ogg, Taylor Bragg, Mr. Benjamin Field-Pickering, and kindergarden Coach Alex Becker), who also live in Brooklyn. Fortunately for us, these two spots happened to be a mere 6 blocks from each other! The horde of us had a few happy hour drinks together before parting ways for two different shows later that evening. The six of us (Nick included) headed out on the L train to the Brooklyn Bowl for a DJ set hosted by the one and only DJ ?uestlove of the Roots spinning the hottest vinyl cuts from his personal collection. We chatted up both Captain Kirk (guitar), who Sarah danced with for quite some time, and Knuckles (percussion) of the Roots. We had an uneventful, smooth, and flawless train ride back to Nick's spot where we all immediately hit the pillow.

On Friday we each did our own thing... visiting long lost friends, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, witnessing high fashion at the MET, getting caught in an extreme thunderstorm, eating delish pizza & bagels (not to be confused with pizza bagels) and getting dunked on at Rucker Park. We've got one more day in the big apple and then off to sunny Williamstown and then the Cape Cod and Boston areas. Until next time, you stay classy world.

Shout out to our hosts in the song of the day: Ravenous- Saltwater Taffy (The Dock)



    i miss you tommy.


  2. I witnessed high fashion at the Met and got caught in an extreme thunderstorm yesterday also! Too bad we didn't run into each other.

  3. Great Post -- wicked dancing video. You never know who or what (!) is around the next corner. Looks like the road trip of 2011 is off to a good start!