Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ravenous- Rock On!

"Maybe its the light of the moon, maybe its the moooooooooooonshine."  HOLY MOLY last night was fun. 2 shows with my favorite band and all the amigos. First they played a show at 9 which I only caught 1/2 of and then, as luck would have it, Ravenous played another show at 2 in the morning. That means I was able to party like its 2005 all over U street with Alex, Mike, Tay and Ben and the rest of the squad of Ravenous fanatics.

Props to Paul for driving and not losing the car. Props to Kathy for taking pictures, when I get them I will post them here. Be sure to check out Ravenous' myspace, their blog, and their facebook. I will surely be visiting the band on the roadtrip when I get to Brooklyn. If you are in NY and like to rock, you should come with me.

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